2019 Time For a Change in Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Tucson, Arizona

2019 Time For a Change in Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Tucson, Arizona  

How did you’re commercial kitchen hood cleaning company in 2018 perform for you?

Did you current vendor send a professional team of technicians every visit?

Where the hood technicians on time? Perform to your expectations?

Was your facility left clean, and fire safe?

Did you under pay for poor service? –Knowing you are rolling the dice?

 It’s time to take a deep breath, step back, and start to revisit your operation; let CRC show you how to make 2019 safer, more efficient and drop more dollars to your bottom line

Here’s an idea! Call or email us for commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning services from Cleaning Resource Center. We offer a full FREE evaluation of the exhaust system and fire protection systems.  You won’t ever have to worry about keeping your exhaust system and fire systems compliant in exceeding NFPA Code 96. While this might have been an ongoing concern in the past – partner with us and we will schedule and perform all the necessary services on time.

Our program

There are many steps in correctly and properly cleaning commercial kitchen’s hood exhaust system. We will remove and eliminate grease and dramatically decreasing a fuel source in the event of a flash fire. Our technicians clean commercial kitchen exhaust systems by scraping and power washing methods. Many other companies just focus on cleaning just the hood or just the fan bypassing the ductwork. Our technicians are trained to reach every inch of your connecting ductwork in the commercial kitchen exhaust system. Our technicians will prep the work area protecting all of your equipment.  If you don’t have adequate access panels on your ductwork, we can install to them making you code compliant.

CRC Technicians Are Well Trained to Service Every Type of Exhaust Hood in All Commercial Kitchens:

Hand scraping is typical in systems that have been neglected. Our technicians will remove grease deposits from all accessible areas. We will recommend a cleaning rotation based on; appliances, volume and Code Requirements. No two exhaust systems are the same, air balance is very important in every commercial kitchen.  The power washing step of the cleaning is the most thorough. Our vans have skid mounted heavy duty commercial grade power washers. The technician will utilize hot water (up to 200 degrees), along with high-pressure water to remove grease from every nook and cranny of your exhaust system.


After each cleaning, we provide “Certificate of Performance” hood stickers applied to each hood. The “hood stickers” show exactly when the system was cleaned and when it is next due for service.  Our hood stickers identify that your systems have been serviced by professionals. Health and Fire Inspectors will look for the hood stickers. We also will provide a Service Deficiency Report for your records.

Make the change in 2019 – partner with CRC for the best commercial kitchen hood cleaning service

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