Be Happy - With a 100% Clean Kitchen Exhaust System Tucson, Arizona

Be Happy - With a 100% Clean Kitchen Exhaust System Tucson, Arizona

Do you go home at night worried about a kitchen fire in your facility?

Do you really trust the company providing service in your building today?

Aren’t you tired of having anxiety and stress in dealing with keeping your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system clean? It can be so annoying and overwhelming; dealing with all the access panels, ductwork, filters cleaned or not and always wondering whether those hard to get areas are clean and grease free? Thankfully, Cleaning Resource Center can eliminate all those concerns TODAY.

You really don’t have to be restless and concerned with this anymore. You will be assured that you’ll always be Fire Code Compliant as well Health and Safety Compliant with a clean, efficient, totally safe commercial kitchen exhaust system when you partner with CRC

Our Professional Exhaust Hood Services

At CRC, we offer impeccable cleaning services for commercial kitchen exhaust systems across Arizona. We have been partnering with restaurant owners, kitchen and facility managers in restaurants, hotels, casinos and many other establishments for over 25 years. We have the resources to meet your expectations every service. You’ll never lose anymore sleep and never question whether your exhaust system is clean, safe in your commercial kitchen environment with Cleaning Resource Center. Our well trained technicians will thoroughly clean every part of your exhaust system including the hood, plenum, all connecting duct, and fan. We offer multiple tools and equipment to provide the best service in the industry.

Hand Scraping

Typically our first service for a new client involves hand scraping. This is usually due to the fact their current/past provider did not fully clean the systems each and every time. Hand scraping is very labor intense but is usually the only option to clean and meet fire and safety codes on the initial visit. It is not as simple as it sounds.  We utilize your access panels (if you don’t have enough of them, we can install them for you according to all code requirements) to reach every accessible inch of your exhaust system to remove grease deposits and keep your exhaust system clean and grease free after each cleaning

Complete Kitchen Exhaust Service:

Hood Cleaning Includes:

Hood and Plenum

All Connecting Horizontal & Vertical Ductwork

Exhaust Fan

Hood Filters If Requested


For the most complete and best hood cleaning in Tucson  - contact us today

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