Cleaning Resource Center Knows the Importance of Kitchen Exhaust Hood Training Tucson, Arizona  

Cleaning Resource Center Knows the Importance of Kitchen Exhaust Hood Training Tucson, Arizona  

6 Reasons Why CRC Has a Hood Cleaning Training Program

If you were given the choice between two different Hood Cleaning Companies —one has a very stringent and detailed Training Program the other not does not —which one would you choose? Yet many business owners, facility directors and GM’s do not recognize the importance of a commercial kitchen hood cleaning technician being well trained. Oddly enough most decision makers don’t even ask

Most business managers wouldn’t hire unqualified employees. But so many of them hire unqualified and untrained hood cleaners. Don’t get me wrong; training does come at a cost. The two biggest resources used for job training are time and money. Our New Technician Training Guide is an initial six week manual.  We know the added costs of poorly trained and the damages that can happen in a commercial kitchen.

Here are a few poor excuses from “other companies” on why not to train personnel:

“We are too busy to teach someone the right way, at this time.”

“We just don’t have the personal or money to pay for training hours.”


At Cleaning Resource Center we know without a doubt the importance of well trained Technicians – we also know we need to continue updating our training programs

Training employees costs time, money, and materials. Not only will there be missed time and unbillable hours, but there will also be additional costs. Another reason businesses often neglect to train employees is because they just can’t afford the additional costs in labor. Sometimes the training was done poorly, or the “trainer” was not trained well.  Failed training comes at a high cost, and businesses often don’t want to take the time, money and resources for adequate training t


However, not training our technicians is NOT an option at Cleaning Resource Center  


Here Are 6 Truths That Underscore The Importance of Training in Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning


1. Untrained Employees = Unhappy Employees

Employees who feel inadequate, underachieving, or unsupported are unhappy. They aren’t satisfied in their work, which will cause them to underperform, make mistakes, and not care about their work product. That costs the business in lost time and money. This can also effect safe work environments on a jobsite

2. Untrained Workers Have a Low Production Value

The quality of their work is lower and of less value. The quality in performance is lower than it could (or should) be. At Cleaning Resource Center we will not allow our technicians to perform at any other level other than their best

3. Untrained Workers Are Inefficient

More time (and therefore money) and effort is spent when employees aren’t fully or properly trained to perform their tasks or to fulfill their responsibilities. It takes them longer to do the work. This adds man hours to jobs that often is unrecoverable

4. Lost Time/Money Due to Mistakes

When an untrained worker makes a mistake, the time and materials used are lost. The work then has to be done again. Or worse, the inadequate product was delivered to the client.

5. An Increase in Miscellaneous Expenses

These are more difficult to track or attribute to untrained workers, but they are there. Using more supplies means added costs to every job. More man hours per job also contributes to wasted hours reducing efficiency.  If it were done correctly the first time, our clients stay more satisfied with our service.


6. Insufficient Hood Cleaning Training Means Lost Customers

Untrained employees can cause many of the mistakes listed above, and those mistakes and inefficiencies can cause your business to lose customers. That is the worst possible scenario, but it can happen. After all these years in business we know training is costly – however the investment in our technicians means we have productive crews that keep our customers happy, safe and code compliant

“When everyone gets better, everyone gets the best”


At CRC our well trained workforce means you are getting the best possible service We have invested in our TEAM is so many ways whereas you the customer will get the best kitchen exhaust cleaning in the market today.


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