Commercial Pressure Washing Tucson, Arizona

Commercial Pressure Washing Tucson, Arizona

High Pressure and Hot Water

At Cleaning Resource Center we have truck mounted pressure washers operating at 3500 PSI with water temperatures of 210 degrees. We use concrete spinners or surface cleaners to achieve the best possible cleaning results.

The most common cleaning in commercial properties is concrete.  Concrete tends to collect all the dirt, grime & gum from foot traffic as well as fluid spills and leakage from cars: oil stains, tread wear, debris.  Without proper cleaning on a regular basis, your entryways, sidewalks and parking areas can become dirty quickly.  

Think about it this way: If you were to spill oil or grease on a piece of clothing, which works best to help wash it out, hot or cold water?  The same applies to pressure washing your property!

Pressure Washing for Exterior of Commercial and Industrial Buildings: Cleaning Resource Center is well versed with organizing a strategic power washing program for your facility; addressing safety first.  We have extensive experience in the use of water collection systems and our Technicians are well trained in the use a variety of lifts.

Restaurant Power Washing : These high traffic businesses demand scheduled cleanings to maintain the cleanliness that their customers have come to expect. Let’s face it – a clean sidewalk is a pathway to a clean restaurant

Dumpster Pads: This should be a priority for your facility, apartment complex, industrial site or multi-unit neighborhoods. Dumpsters and surrounding area create and environment for factors that may impact your business negatively because of health or safety risks to your employees or your customers. Not only can these areas give off foul odors, they can attract pests such as mice, rats and flies that can then spread disease.

By engaging in the dumpster pad cleaning program from CRC, we may be able to eliminate the impact of those negative factors. Our technicians are scheduled to perform this work on a regular basis to ensure that this happens. This work is done to ensure that hazards such as grease spills, bacterial growth or pest infestations (mice and insects) are minimized.

Let our Tucson based technicians from Cleaning Resource Center provide you the best Commercial Pressure Washing in Tucson with an ongoing service plan to keep your facility and the area around it clean

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