Inspecting your Kitchen Exhaust System after a cleaning in Tucson, AZ

Knowing that your kitchen exhaust system is one of the most important and expensive pieces of equipment that you use, you want to make sure it is getting the best care. Cleaning a system is a complicated job many hire hood cleaning companies to get the job done. Doing this is a great way to ensure your system is getting the best care, as well as letting you focus on the other areas of your restaurant.

When you hire a new hood cleaning company and you want to make sure your kitchen exhaust system is getting cleaned properly inspecting it after a cleaning would be the best option. This will help you decide whether to rehire that company or move on to something better. Below are the best areas to check to make sure you are getting the best work quality possible.

  1. Check for a polished hood

If there are streaks or fingerprints or you can still see splashes of grease, call the hood cleaning company and request that they return for a follow up. Check the inside of the hood to make sure it is also grease-free.

  1. Check your kitchen equipment for new damage

This could have possibly been caused by technicians. An honest cleaning company should notify you immediately of any damage, or after confirmation that damage was caused by their technicians, will want to make it right.

  1. Inspect the floors

Check for leftover grease/film from cleaning, this is a safety hazard for your kitchen staff and will need to be cleaned up immediately. A responsible hood cleaning company will mop the kitchen floors surrounding the vent hoods after a cleaning.

  1. Check the baffle filter and ducts

Take off the filter and shine a flashlight into the ducts to check if they were cleaned to bare metal. If you see any grease or dirt buildup, have the hood cleaning company return for a re-clean.

  1. If access is available to the roof and exhaust fans check them (If the fan is on, be careful)

They should have been cleaned to bare metal, as well. Grease residue should be cleaned up immediately to avoid damaging the fan and its mechanism. While you’re on the roof check to see if it has been tidied up after cleaning and left undamaged.

  1. Check that all grease was collected appropriately

If any grease has spilled, it needs to be cleaned up immediately to avoid further damaging the roof or the environment.

  1. Check all vents (rooftop, hood vents, etc.)

Look for grease, leftover food particles and dirt. All vents should be thoroughly cleaned and undamaged to ensure your kitchen functions safely and properly.

Remember to inspect these key areas after a hired cleaning. You get a better sense on the company you hired and if your kitchen was treated respectfully. Remember, from the beginning always hire a certified hood cleaning company you trust.

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