Kitchen Exhaust Hood Filters Tucson, Arizona

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Filters

An exhaust hood filter is a necessary and required for any commercial restaurant kitchen to operate smoothly, safely and efficiently. The hood filter is the first layer of protection in any restaurant’s grease containment and exhaust system. All Commercial hood filters must be compliant and meet the regulations of the National Fire Protection Association – NFPA 96 Standard Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations 2017

There are many UL Listed and NFPA compliant options for restaurant hood filter replacement.  There are many types of hoof filters; standard-duty and heavy-duty hood filters made with galvanized steel, stainless steel or even aluminum.

Kitchen Hood filters capture airborne grease, smoke, steam, heat, odors, and other substances that are produced during cooking under the hood. Without the proper hood filter, your kitchen will be filled with airborne particles you don’t want your staff breathing! The vent hood filter also blocks flames and flammable debris from entering into your ductwork system, preventing a major fire hazard. By having a more efficient and durable exhaust hood filter from Cleaning Resource Center, you will benefit from a cleaner, safer kitchen.

It is important to consider more than just regulations when choosing the best vent hood filter for your restaurant kitchen, as there are many different types of filters that can help keep your operation running effortlessly.

The Type 1 Spark Arrestor:

Is one of the most durable on the market, providing safe and dependable barrier protection. This restaurant hood filters offer 94% efficiency for grease extraction, the highest rate of grease extraction of any other filter on the market. The Type 1 filter is designed and built for solid fuel burning environments— they won’t flex or twist, and the smooth surface promotes constant grease runoff for collection in a grease containment tray or cup

Stainless Steel Baffle Grease Filters

The Stainless Steel Filter is the most popular, the easiest to maintain, and provides a bright, beautiful stainless steel finish. These restaurant kitchen hood filters provide safe dependable flame protection and superior grease containment of even the smallest grease laden particles.

No matter the type of kitchen you are operating, it is certain that a commercial hood filter is necessary for safety and efficiency. CRC can provide samples of many types of Hood Filters.  

Galvanized Hood Filters

These filters are the lowest priced and lowest performance filter  

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