Prevent A Costly Grease Fire in Your Commercial Kitchen Tucson, Arizona

Prevent A Costly Grease Fire in Your Commercial Kitchen Tucson, Arizona

Tucson has seen a dramatic increase in Restaurant Fires in the last few years. Grease fires are incredibly dangerous to employees, patrons, firefighters, and the general public. CRC can help avoid and minimize this type of disaster from your commercial kitchen by providing excellent kitchen exhaust hood cleaning.

Safety For all Commercial Kitchen Operations is #1

Our commitment at Cleaning Resource Center is to provide the best [possible cleaning and removal of grease in the kitchen exhaust system. We want to make sure your commercial kitchen is as safe and secure as possible, on our side.  We have multiple services for commercial kitchens in Arizona and the Las Vegas market


  1. Kitchen exhaust system cleaning:  including fans, hoods, and all connecting ductwork
  2. Grease filter exchange service
  3. Fire suppression service  
  4. Grease filter exchange service
  5. Fire Extinguishers

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

When was the last time your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system was cleaned or inspected?

 If it’s been more than a couple of months, you could be well overdue and in a dangerous fire safety violation. Our continuous efforts will help to minimize any potential threat of fire code violations. Partner with CRC and we will provide the expertise to keep your restaurant safe and code compliant

We will recommend commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning per NFPA Code 96 Guidelines.  Our well trained Technicians utilize hot, high-pressure water to remove grease from every area of the ductwork  We recommend cleaning be done according to your specific kitchen, cooking appliances and exhaust system, Cleaning rotations also depend on how much grease your and cooking volume is created every day

Factual Documentation

When you partner with Cleaning Resource Center you’ll always meet code regulations and will have a safer working environment for your staff.  We provide all the necessary documentation after each job as proof that you have fulfilled your fire, and safety code obligations.

Safety at 100%

Our TEAM works is a safe manner. We do not take chances while in your facility. OSHA policies and procedures are followed. We do not want anyone hurt during our service to you. We hold monthly safety meetings to continually update safety training with our Technicians routinely

Ensure you have met all your safety obligations to your staff and customers – hire Cleaning Resource Center for the highest quality exhaust cleaning in the market today 

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