Shepherd Filters Reduce Hood Cleaning Costs, Tucson, AZ

The Best Way To Reduce Your Hood Cleaning Costs Safford, Arizona

You already know that the best way to reduce your hood cleaning costs is to eliminate the amount of cleanings. It’s somewhat possible clean your hoods yourself, but how much time will that involve?

Will the cleanings be NFPA-approved (?), by Certified well Trained Technicians? Certainly there are many financial and safety reasons as to why restaurants hire Professional Companies to clean their commercial kitchen hoods.

There’s an alternative. What if there was a way to reduce the amount of cleanings, stay legal, and make your kitchen safer?

How do ?

Shepherd Filters help reduce your hood costs by capturing 98% of grease before it goes into the hood.


As you can see, eliminating grease intake at the entry point is the best way to keep the entire kitchen hood system clean. Now, it won’t completely eliminate hood cleaning altogether, but it will greatly reduce the amount of cleanings you had before.

There are four factors that determine if installing a Shepherd Filters system will save you money:

1. The number of hoods you have.

If you have several hoods, the time and money used for cleaning is multiplied. If you could cut your cleanings down in half, installing the new filters would more than likely save you money?

2. The amount of grease being produced.

Standard metal-baffle filters capture about 18-20% of airborne grease. Shepherd Filters captures 98%. So the higher amount of grease production, the higher amount of impact the Shepherd Filter will have.

3. How much you pay for hood cleanings (whether that’s with a certified kitchen exhaust cleaning company, or it’s done internally).

Every time you can avoid a cleaning, you are saving money. However, if you’re cleaning internally, there are a few factors to involve. What’s the opportunity cost of having your employees clean, as opposed to preforming profit-producing jobs? How much water are you using? How much are you spending on cleaning agents and equipment? And finally, how good of a cleaning job are you doing? Certainly from a safety point, you want to make sure every nick and cranny is being cleaned, but also from a NFPA-inspection point of view.

4. How much will you spend on replacing your current system with Shepherd Filters?

That’s the magical question. If you’d like to go through the math with us, please email us at

We’ll setup a time to discuss the questions above, plus a few others, with the only goal in mind being to see if switching to Shepherd Filters will save you money! Plus, we’ll send you a report at the end, so you can see the costs/benefits for yourself!


Yes, Shepherd Filters can save you money, but I ask you “why do you have your hoods cleaned anyway?” Is it to remove the fire risk associated with handling grease?  What if that fire risk was removed every day, all the time, and reduces your hood cleanings?

Most people do save money switching, but the real reason people use Shepherd Filters is to eliminate the fuel for any potential fire that would occur in the duct. Cleaning Resource Center is the exclusive statewide distribution company for: Arizona, California and Nevada.


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