Tips: Do It Yourself Hood Cleaning in Food Trucks Tucson, Arizona

Tips: Do It Yourself Hood Cleaning in Food Trucks Tucson, Arizona

*The information below is provided as a reference point only for this type service. CRC’s intent is to share information for a DIY guide: You should consider having a Professional provide this very important safety service.   

Cleaning Resource Center is providing a “do it yourself” easy step process to clean your food truck system. We do recommend you hire a qualified hood cleaning company. It is also our advice; you stay in compliance with having your system inspected semiannually by a Licensed Fire Suppression Technician. The Fire Suppression System will activate when there is eminent fire; if this is not maintained it may or may not discharge – therefore the risk for significant damage exists. Keep in mind in Arizona most AHJ’s (Authority Having Jurisdiction) require that a certified Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company provide service to your food truck, by Trained Technicians

Number one is what most food truck vendors are looking at; cost savings. Cleaning your food truck exhaust hood and filters yourself can save your mobile food business hundreds of dollars every year. You will not meet local and state fire codes nor will you be in compliance to operate safely.


Food truck exhaust hood cleaning supplies:

  1. Plastic sheeting
  2. Eye protection and gloves
  3. Plastic tub
  4. Liquid degreaser
  5. Disposable grease container
  6. Paper towels
  7. Spray degreaser
  8. Cleaning brushes, scrapers
  9. Cloth Shop Towels
  10. Scrub pad
  11. Liquid detergent


Exhaust Hood Filters

  1. Turn off the pilot lights on the ovens, range tops and fryers within the food truck. Allow all the exhaust pans and filters within the hood to cool until they can be handled comfortably. Turn off the exhaust hood’s disconnect, double check and make sure the system’s power is off.
  2. Cover all surfaces near the cleaning area with plastic sheeting.
  3. Fill a large tub with hot water, and add in liquid degreaser, (follow ratios recommended on the container). Put on your eye protection.
  4. Remove all of the grease pans and exhaust filters. Pour off excess grease into a waste grease container.
  5. Wipe the excess grease and debris out of each filter, and pan with clean paper towels. Coat all sides of each piece with spray degreaser, and use your cleaning brush to gently scrub and loosen debris. Immerse each filter and pan in the hot water tub after scrubbing (you may need to do this in your commercial kitchen space if your truck’s sinks are too small). Let the pieces soak thoroughly until the exhaust hood has been cleaned and dried.
  6. Remove each pan and filter from the soaking water, and rinse with a strong stream of hot water. Make certain each piece is clean. Dry completely with clean, towels. Replace within the cleaned exhaust hood.


Food Truck Exhaust Hood Cleaning

  1. Use a clean scrub pad soaked with hot water and a mild liquid detergent to scrub the interior and exterior of the exhaust hood.
  2. Use the scrub pad to gently scrub grease and debris from the piping located within the hood.
  3. Dampen a towel with hot water, and wipe off all soapy residues from all parts of the hood and piping. Spray each part with spray degreaser, wipe off with another warm, damp towel, and dry completely with a clean towel. Dry thoroughly to prevent rust from forming.


You may initially safe some money in cleaning-keep in mind you’re down time and labor might not be worth it.  You could get inspected by a city or state inspector, which will fail your food truck. At that time you will need an emergency cleaning service that could be very expensive.

At CRC we can provide a complete cleaning service whereas a hood sticker will be placed on the hood(s). Our service will be in full compliance with NFPA Code 96 2017 Edition. For Food Truck Cleaning contact CRC



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